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(Foto by Antonio Carlos Januário - MG - Brazil)

Of that Heaven which is above the heavens what earthly poet ever did or ever will sing worthily? It is such as I will describe; for I must dare to speak the truth, when Truth is my theme. There abides the very Being with which true knowledge is concerned; the colorless, formless, intangible Essence visible only to mind, the pilot of the soul. ... Every soul which is capable of receiving the food proper to it rejoices at beholding Reality. ... She beholds Knowledge absolute, not in the form of generation or of relation, which men call existence, but Knowledge absolute in Existence absolute.

Poem / quote n° 3640 : Plato, (Athènes, 427 — id., 347 av. J.-C.), Classical Greek philosopher, founder of the Academy in Athens., Philosophy / Platonism
Source : Phaedrus, 247C-E; Jowett

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